Floating Ball Shooting Game


Looking for a gift for someone? Then this Floating Ball Shooting Game is perfect and guarantees hours of fun. Compete and see who takes out the maximum floating balls in the quickest time.

Add A Fun Twist To Your Game Night And Hone Your Range Targeting Skills While Having A Blast With This Floating Ball Shooting Game!

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Looking for a fun family game or maybe add a little zing to those boring office afternoons? You can add a little more interaction & enjoyment with the Floating Ball Shooting Game that is incredible for shooters of all ages. The ultimate target-blasting game! Take out the latest interactive game that you can play with everyone in your family or with your office colleagues. Yes, even your “oh-so-cool’ teenager kid will love taking part in this one!


  • MOVING AIR-FLOATING BALLS: Firstly, activate the suspension target, causing the balls to float in the air. Master your sharpshooting skills by blasting the floating targets you can adjust the level of airflow based on your preference. Challenge your kids and family & have the most expected family time!
  • INTERACTION BOOSTER: You can play this game with multiple people and promote interaction. Fun to play at parties and gatherings with family and friends. Through the game, you can improve the relationship between your partner or child. Shoot together and see who can shoot better.
  • CHALLENGING GAME: This toy allows you to experience the thrill of shooting and practice the ability to shoot. Great practice for perfecting your shooting skills will enable you to show off your excellent shooting skills by challenging your friends & family to play with you.
  • SUPREME QUALITY: Made of high quality & environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic and harmless. The product is smooth and burr-free so that children can play with confidence. An ultimate game for full family!
  • UNIVERSAL PLAYING: The experience of playing the shooting ball game is sure to delight all shooters: young and old, rookies and experts alike. All are welcome! Bring your family, spouse, and friends.
  • PERFECT GIFT: The ball can be the best gift for holidays or birthdays. Have a blast this holiday season with these fun game kit for kids and adults! Make your loved one smile with the little present!
  • ENHANCE EYE COORDINATION & FOCUS: With an adventurous theme, It boosts your hand-eye coordination. Also, it cultivates focus by shooting slightly moving air-floating balls.

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